Credit Sage founder gives back to the community


Leading from the front. Our Founder, every year since 2013 has organized an event to give back to the community that he lives in during Thanksgiving. This initiative is to keep the homeless people warm during brutal winter that Massachusetts experiences. Since 2013 he has helped more than 200 people keep warm by providing them with gloves, socks, beanies, blankets, and warm coffee and gift cards to Dunkin donuts. It’s the little things that actually count towards bettering the community.

You will be shocked by how much you can change someone’s life by just a little deed. We here at CreditSage don’t shy away from giving back and volunteering. We urge you [whomever reading this] to do a little volunteering and just give some of your time to bettering the community. So when we say our company was designed for the working class and not the wealth, we mean it. CreditSage helps people get better credit from any stage in the credit life.



Nicholas R. Fernandes

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