invest in bitcoin and stock market article for beginners

How to “SAFELY” invest your current stimulus check into Bitcoin and the Stock market.

This past year hasn’t been easy on anyone and we are still in the depths of the pandemic. Scams and phishing are at an all-time high. Security magazine conducted research in the year 2020, surveying several industry professionals and tracking new threats and state that overall malicious attacks have gone up by 53 percent. You can view their complete report and see their breakdown of how people are getting scammed and falling victim to these cyber attacks.


I think one of the main reasons that people are falling victim more so this time is because of the extra stress, stress from work, or stress of finding work, stress of providing for the family, staying healthy and not getting covid-19, etc. In 2017 there was a cryptocurrency scam, called Bitconnect. Bitconnect pulled one of the biggest exit schemes in cryptocurrency history, the founders walked with more than 1.5 billion of innocent people’s money, some had put their life savings in Bitconnect in hopes of getting rich. Sadly pyramid and Ponzi schemes are to take your money and not do what the portrait they were going to do.


CreditSage has taken to liberty to help you with trusted avenues to invest your hard-earned money. We have linked sources that are trusted and vetted by the government that you can safely trust and invest your money in. We picked Robinhood for stocks as it is one of the leaders in free stock trading and they give you a free stock to join. They are regulated by the government and have a really easy interface to get started in buying and selling your first stocks.


We picked Coinbase for cryptocurrency as it is an industry leader in the crypto space and is regulated by the government. It also has a very easy platform to use and has tips to get started in buying your very first cryptocurrency. 


We do advise invest with caution and only invest money you can afford to invest for the longterm and that’s why we advise you to invest your stimulus checks instead of spending it on materialist things you can plan for your future or any unforeseen events that lie in your future.


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