• Open a New or Sell an Existing Tradeline Account

    Users will pay a fee for each account they wish to be added on to. Requirement to be qualified as an Authorizer? Have a 750 or higher score, and the credit utilization for each account must be 30% or below. That's it!

  • Add User(s)

    Whoever, how many, are added on as a User, is totally up to you! Note that you are anonymous and Users never see your information, nor do they have any access to use the account in any way, shape, or form. You may add up to 10 Users to an account, on up to 5 accounts.

  • Get Paid Monthly

    You get a monthly payment of 40% of the total cost of each tradeline sold!

Ready to make some money?

What are you waiting for? There are no risks involved and the extra money can help pay bills, from your cell phone to your car note!

Have Questions About the Process?

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