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Creditsage featured as a top innovator in the credit repair space

We were nominated as a top startup by The Startup Pill. In their 37 Innovative Credit Startups To Keep An Eye On In 2021

The article showcases Startup Pill’s top picks for the best Credit startups. Our credit repair startup was nominated as one of the top 37 innovators as we are taking a variety of approaches to innovating the Credit industry and around the world.

We were selected because of our exceptional Innovative idea and route to the market with our product in the credit market. Our growth in the credit market has been exceptional as well, we are following nontraditional growth strategies in this untapped market.

Managing credit is hard and we are here to help you through your journey and get you to your goal. Maintaining your credit should be easy and seamless and that is what our company wants to help you bridge that gap and give that knowledge to do so while also using our unique credit repair method to get your credit score back up.  

We would like to thank Startup pill for this feature in their magazine and you can find the link to the article below.

creditsage was Featured by Daily Finance Magazine.

We were nominated as a top startup in Fintech (Financial Technology) Company from Boston by Daily Finance.

We are proud to represent Boston from the Fintech sector, our startup even though just 1 year and few months old we are innovating the credit repair sector.

Credit is the one thing that defines you in every aspect of your life, from when you go to buy your first car to when you go to buy a house or even rent a place they want to know how good your credit is.

Having good credit can really impact how you are treated in life. It’s sad that maintaining credit isn’t taught in school or even college. CreditSage is here to change that, we want to educate you on maintaining good credit while also helping you build it with our credit repair services.

We have helped more than 30 people fix their credit, doesn’t matter how bad your credit is we will help you get it up and teach more about maintaining it. If you are planning to buy a car or house anything for a matter of fact with credit then you need our credit repair services to help you meet that goal.

More than 30 people have trusted us with their credit repair journey and we have a hundred percent satisfaction rate, so what are you waiting for, head on over to the user page and start your credit repair journey today.

We would like to thank Daily Finance for this feature in their magazine and you can find the link to the article below. to the article below.

Changing Times

Companies need to come out stronger and innovate in these difficult times. These are truly testing times that will test companies to innovate in their field.

Companies can have several departments work from home, let me tell you why that is going to change the face of the corporate world. Bear with me, we are going to dive into the nitty and gritty of it.

If it isn’t a cooperate office, companies barely invest in the property itself and choose to pay rent. Having employees work from home saves them thousands of dollars on rent a year and that’s just rent, less to no employees on a worksite will mean less usage of utilities and other perks that the company offers as well or even the basic necessities, like toilet paper or snacks.

You might ask yourself how much the company actually spends on office supplies itself per employee. Businesses with one to four employees spent $77 to $92 per month, Businesses with 40 employees spend $45 to $53 per employee per month and Businesses with over 200 employees spend $27 to $32 per employee per month and that’s just on office supplies. Companies that use more paper almost spend $1000 on average per month per employee.

On average an employee spends 26 minutes in commuting to work and 26 minutes back. That’s 52 minutes the employee loses in the day and doesn’t get paid for. Cost per employee really accumulates every month as you break it down for each employee.

Having employees work from home will have a lower carbon footprint overall as they don’t need to travel to get to work and they will also save time in deciding what to wear and they won’t be taking time to get dressed every morning if they are just logging into work from home

Having several departments work from home will save the company thousands of dollars, a year which can be put back into the business or increase salaries of employees.

Research conducted by business news daily and Stanford states that employees working from home increases their productivity, their breaks are more effective in refreshing them and helps them stay more productive more efficiently when working from home.

This crisis has really opened up our eyes to how inefficiently we can be operating in the world and how much more we can be productive and effectively use our resources, especially if it helps mother earth and humankind in the bargain while saving you money.

[Founder- Nicholas R.Fernandes]