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Credit Over The Years.

Very many years ago, more like eons ago. Credit was something that was rendered to the privileged few. It was as simple as a merchant giving credit to a person he/she could trust to pay him/her back. Anyone without the means, repute or modest could not get the much sought-after “credit”.

This simple concept of rendering credit progressed into making it available to each and everyone in a myriad of ways. Via multiple and diversified products such as credit cards, mortgages, automobile loans, student loans, etc. Soon, credit was not limited to just merchants. It spread to financial and non-financial institutions whose business was to lend money. And to be a person of repute or privilege was to be able to prove his/her ability and standing to get a loan and pay it back too.

This opened avenues of risk and control and lending became the need of the hour; from cradle to grave, because credit lives on in the family name well after. Not to mention the corporate commercial loan which also uses the basic concept of credit but with the method of amortization.

 Coming back to consumable retail/personal credit, it’s always important to understand that the eons old theory still remains at its core. That is, finance is extended to the person/end user who is known for his/her capability and ability to pay it back.

Then follows the concept of institutions making a profit during the repayment period, because the pursuit of profit is inherently what finance lending is all about. In today’s world improving your credit worthiness is as crucial as the healing of the ozone layer of the earth. So get those oxygen levels hiked up and start working on your credit worth as soon as you evaluate how your credit score infers. Since credit lines are worked and reworked on the income/spending and delinquency behavioral pattern of an individual. The more one spends carefully, the sooner one reaches the outstanding, well-revered credit score.

Contributor : Beena Karkhanis