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welp magazine featuring credit sage article best credit repair leaders in the market

We Were Nominated As A Top Credit Startup By Welp Magazine.

Recently we were featured by Welp Magazine. Thank you for recognizing us as Credit leaders. As they indicated the Credit (fintech) space has been booming and CreditSage is one of the many companies that is disrupting the space. We have introduced a new way to repair your credit. Our method of credit repair is the most efficient way currently in the market.

What is Fintech? It is financial technology; it is the use of technology and innovation that aims to compete with traditional financial methods in the delivery of financial services. That is exactly how CreditSage is leading and disrupting the Credit repair industry.

The Credit sector has not been touched in years, the benefit of fixing your credit with CreditSage is that it is the most reliable way besides being the most efficient. Credit is something that sticks with you throughout your life. Literally, everything in the United States can be bought via credit, and having bad credit puts you back in life.

Having great Credit is not a family secret passed down from generation to generation anymore, we are changing the old ways. Authorizers get paid for great credit. Nobody in the market pays you for having great credit but we do. We are solving an age-old sector and leading by innovating it.

The internet has allowed us to keep prices low and offer you the best service. You can fix your credit in 6 months with just our most basic plan, risk-free, tension-free at the lowest price. Planning to buy a house soon? Get our booster plan and get a higher mortgage loan offered to you at a lower interest rate.


Head over to the link below and read the Welp Magazine article.

26 Best Startups Operating in the Credit (fintech) Space

Credit Over The Years.

Very many years ago, more like eons ago. Credit was something that was rendered to the privileged few. It was as simple as a merchant giving credit to a person he/she could trust to pay him/her back. Anyone without the means, repute or modest could not get the much sought-after “credit”.

This simple concept of rendering credit progressed into making it available to each and everyone in a myriad of ways. Via multiple and diversified products such as credit cards, mortgages, automobile loans, student loans, etc. Soon, credit was not limited to just merchants. It spread to financial and non-financial institutions whose business was to lend money. And to be a person of repute or privilege was to be able to prove his/her ability and standing to get a loan and pay it back too.

This opened avenues of risk and control and lending became the need of the hour; from cradle to grave, because credit lives on in the family name well after. Not to mention the corporate commercial loan which also uses the basic concept of credit but with the method of amortization.

 Coming back to consumable retail/personal credit, it’s always important to understand that the eons old theory still remains at its core. That is, finance is extended to the person/end user who is known for his/her capability and ability to pay it back.

Then follows the concept of institutions making a profit during the repayment period, because the pursuit of profit is inherently what finance lending is all about. In today’s world improving your credit worthiness is as crucial as the healing of the ozone layer of the earth. So get those oxygen levels hiked up and start working on your credit worth as soon as you evaluate how your credit score infers. Since credit lines are worked and reworked on the income/spending and delinquency behavioral pattern of an individual. The more one spends carefully, the sooner one reaches the outstanding, well-revered credit score.

Contributor : Beena Karkhanis

Changing Times

Companies need to come out stronger and innovate in these difficult times. These are truly testing times that will test companies to innovate in their field.

Companies can have several departments work from home, let me tell you why that is going to change the face of the corporate world. Bear with me, we are going to dive into the nitty and gritty of it.

If it isn’t a cooperate office, companies barely invest in the property itself and choose to pay rent. Having employees work from home saves them thousands of dollars on rent a year and that’s just rent, less to no employees on a worksite will mean less usage of utilities and other perks that the company offers as well or even the basic necessities, like toilet paper or snacks.

You might ask yourself how much the company actually spends on office supplies itself per employee. Businesses with one to four employees spent $77 to $92 per month, Businesses with 40 employees spend $45 to $53 per employee per month and Businesses with over 200 employees spend $27 to $32 per employee per month and that’s just on office supplies. Companies that use more paper almost spend $1000 on average per month per employee.

On average an employee spends 26 minutes in commuting to work and 26 minutes back. That’s 52 minutes the employee loses in the day and doesn’t get paid for. Cost per employee really accumulates every month as you break it down for each employee.

Having employees work from home will have a lower carbon footprint overall as they don’t need to travel to get to work and they will also save time in deciding what to wear and they won’t be taking time to get dressed every morning if they are just logging into work from home

Having several departments work from home will save the company thousands of dollars, a year which can be put back into the business or increase salaries of employees.

Research conducted by business news daily and Stanford states that employees working from home increases their productivity, their breaks are more effective in refreshing them and helps them stay more productive more efficiently when working from home.

This crisis has really opened up our eyes to how inefficiently we can be operating in the world and how much more we can be productive and effectively use our resources, especially if it helps mother earth and humankind in the bargain while saving you money.

[Founder- Nicholas R.Fernandes]